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Microwave Bowl



Zippered Organization Bags

Baby Clothes

Memory Quilt

Reusable Shopping/Tote




What is a Bowl Cozy?

Ever scald your fingers taking a hot bowl from the microwave?  Never again! Place your bowl on the cozy, put cozy and bowl in the microwave.  Cook as you normally would.  When it's done, place hands under the cozy, remove bowl.  No singed fingers, not towels landing in the bowl.  Machine washable, tumble dry.  (No bleach)


Multiple sizes can be made.  Fabric design choices are amazing.  6 pockets on outside with a large divider zippered pocket inside.  Each bag includes a tissue pack cover.

Organizer/Anything Bags

FOR: Makeup, charger cords, medications, pens/pencils etc...

Envelope style

Box style

Mesh (not pictured)

Baby Clothes Memory Quilt

What super way to save all the adorable clothes.

Click on "form" at top of page for pricing.

Memories are priceless.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Heavy duty feed bags recycled to reduce trash and be reusable.


All the stuff you need for the days errands


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