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  • Pam F Dunn

Wedding Gifts - Personalized..Fun..Unique

A beautiful couple ordered "Dop Kits" that are embroidered with each person's name for their wedding party and their Mom's.

What is a "Dop Kit"? Well.. It's a toiletry bag. This name is older than time. My Dad always called his shaving kit a "Dop Kit". These bags and any of the other zippered bags Arizona Warmth makes are good for anything you need to keep organized. Pens, power cords, gum and mints..... options are endless for the uses.

The Mom's also go a box style bag with their name on it (similar to the bag shown below)

The red and gold bags are the Bride's. She ordered one of each of these for the ladies in her bridal party. Look below for how she stuffed them with "stuff".

One for the Groom and each of this men.

The flowered bag was for the flower girl.

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