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  • Pam F Dunn

2020 - Time to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reusable shopping bags are everywhere. How about using a recycled feed bag for your shopping bag? I have taken feed bags of every kind... Dog, Cat, Cow, Pig, Horse, Goat and created a cute trendy shopping bag.

The bottom is triple stitched for reinforcement. Handles have reinforcing stitches to attach them. You can wipe them out with a disinfectant wipe to keep your food products safe. I use the Uscan all the time, I use one for produce, one for canned goods, one for the freezer items, etc. Makes putting groceries away much easier.

I use one for when I'm headed out for the day and have soooo many things to drop off, return and deliver.

Let's all be more aware of what we toss away into the landfills.

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