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  • Pam F Dunn

Birthday gift

The latest Arizona Warmth Creations memory quilt and pillow case. Mom ordered it for her son's 9th birthday. There were approximately 65 shirts provided to work with and many had a front and a back the customer wanted on the quilt. Each one had a special memory and needed to be used. It was shirts from adventures, positive thoughts and his favorite shirts. With a little imagination and ingenuity combining multiple pieces on an individual block the end result was a 56 block quilt and 8 block pillowcase. In the center of the quilt was a custom embroidery block. This 9 year old wanted a Spinasaurus dinosaur. Even the back had dinosaur flannel.

Arizona Warmth would love to create a memory quilt, pillow case or pillow sham for you. So many reasons to get one , to remember good times, a loved one who is no longer with us, graduation, a wedding gift. Doesn't matter how many items you have or the reason we can chat and come up with the perfect final piece.

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