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  • Pam F Dunn

Can I wash my Memory Quilt?

One of the great features of the Memory Quilts or any of the rag quilts is that they are machine washable. Cold Water no Bleach. Tumble or Line Dry.

The more you wash them the softer they get. Because they are rag quilts they will release bits of fluff each wash. The fluff will get less and less over time. My recommendation is wash it by itself or with a load of towels. Check the dryer vent often.

No dry cleaning required. No "dry clean only" items are used during the quilting process.

A quilt made for a young man when he was 2 and is now 8 is still in one piece and looks amazing. It survived potty training, teething, flu's, traveling. His Mom told me when is was little and his "Car Blanket" was in the wash he'd sit by the machine and wait for it to dry. This photo is from last year.

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