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  • Pam F Dunn

What is a Memory Quilt?

A Memory Quilt is a treasured gift for yourself, family member or friend crafted from ALLLLL those t-shirts, sweatshirts, favorite flannel shirts or treasured clothing items that you just can't part with? Each piece is lovingly put into quilt blocks backed with flannel that can be customized to each individual. All the memory quilts are done in a "Rag Quilt" design. The flannel on the back frames each block and is snipped and washed creating the rag quilt finish.

WHO should you order a Memory Quilt for?

High school graduate - using every event t-shirt or jersey. Create a memory they will keep with them as they go off to college or whatever comes next. They get to keep their treasured items in one snuggly personal unique Memory Quilt. No boxes of stuff left behind for them to only forget about and you to have to store.

Baby's 1st birthday - Put all those adorable outfits into a quilt. They can drag it around for years to come.

Survivor - I created a Memory Quilt for a gal who is a breast cancer survivor and all of her Breast Cancer Walk t-shirts were put together with a gorgeous flannel back.

A family member has passed away? Let each family have a piece of the loved one in a Memory Quilt, Throw Pillow cover or Pillowcase. You and your family can have their loved one with them everyday. Several families that I have created them for said it gave them the closure and closeness they needed to keep moving forward.

An additional add-on feature can be an embroidered block with names, dates or sayings. Creating a unique touch to each piece.

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